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The lady in this store would not clip my 11 year old rescue yorkie when I told her he would shake, she asked how I had him done before, I told her it was a mobile unit and she told me to use it again. I was on the other side of Bristol and am now in a flat, I do not think the extension lead used will reach my home. I have only had this dog a year, he came out of a pound up north on the day he was due to be put to sleep, of course he is going to shake but he is very sweet and compliant. I am in my 60's with health and mobility issues this shop was in easy walking distance now I have to struggle to find him somewhere, where he will have to be separated from me and he will shake! I do not believe this was done in the dogs 'best interest', is it in his interest to stay ungroomed (I do not mean just brushing) so that brambles and other debris can get caught in his coat causing discomfort when it is removed. I have never come across this sort of incident before and it has deeply upset me, though seemingly polite she was abrupt and dismissive, I wish I could take the one star away but the system won't let me.